Farrow Development Group uses a build-to-suit model that integrates and organizes the many facets of development into a real estate solution.

Successful execution of a project from the interrelated activities such as; needs analysis, market analysis, site identification, project design, scheduling, and project management and construction, require timely and informed decision making as well as a strong capitalization plan.

When the strategic planning and asset management plans are not clear, we can help to clarify objectives, analyze the options and solidify a plan that will maximize the return on your investment.

Farrow uses standardized, systematic and proven development techniques but offers the entrepreneurial agility, the management strengths and the financial depth to make your project a reality.

The Farrow Development Group Process

Client Needs Analysis

To help clarify the financial, capitalization, scheduling and other strategic planning project needs.

Market Analysis

To determine the most appropriate and market driven use of the location or asset.

Economic and Demographic Analysis

To determine the best use the property or asset based on current economic and demographic conditions of the region or location.

Occupancy Analysis

To determine the best plan based on current location of resources and operations.

To link business strategy to the real estate, Farrow uses a comprehensive approach that prompts our clients to evaluate their occupancy needs so we can assist them in creating the most cost efficient occupancy strategy.

Financial Analysis

An integral part of our development process is financial analysis to determine the most appropriate capitalization structure. Each financing program must meet the economic objectives of the client’s specific short and long term financial objectives.

Joint ventures, third party ownership and straight ownership are just a few of the many options available for capitalization and ownership in development. A rigorous analysis of each option is required to ensure that the capital stack will satisfy the clients cost of occupancy, operations, risk tolerance and balance sheet objectives.

Acquisition and Development

Project Management

Project Close-Out

We understand the key to success in real estate development is the collection of business relationships we have built throughout the years. Virtually every project we undertake is done in a joint venture: some with land sellers, some with private investors, some with not-for-profit groups and others with institutional investors and respected financial institutions. As a full service development company, FARROW acts as a single source of responsibility for the completed project.